Villa Owners

Thomas Krauß, CEO
Thomas Krauß, CEO

If you own one of the truly magnificent homes on Mallorca, Ibiza, the Cape Region in South Africa or close to a world class skiing area in Austia or Switzerland, but find yourself only spending a couple of weeks in it each year, then you probably feel that your "high-maintenance" asset is underutilized.

Renting out your vacation home through Luxury Hideaway, is a way to put your asset to work. Whether your goal is to simply rent out a couple of weeks just to cover the maintenance cost, or to make your home earn you some serious income, we will discuss with you a strategy to achieve it.

We give our villas international exposure and attract some of the world's most sophisticated guests. Our clientele are usually wealthy families who want to relax and loosen up and to enjoy intimate moments in the environment of a private home. They are respectful towards the house they are hosted in, since they are most likely owners of similar houses themselves.

Renting out your villa does not mean that you will have to stress about it. Luxury Hideaway is present throughout a guest's stay, managing all expectations and ensuring that the experience will be absolutely stress-free for you. You can be on the other side of the world, knowing that knowledgeable professionals look after your home.

We do however have some strict standards about the villas we include in our portfolio. So if you would like to rent your dream property through Luxury Hideaway, please send us a short description and some photos. We will then contact you to arrange for a meeting and a visit of your villa.