Solar Airconditioning, under-floor heating, central heating

This system is not a regular air conditioning - its a solar cooling system. The sun is always the primary source of energy and in ideal case the building will manage totally without additional heating- or air conditioning. The system automatically regulates the inside temperature independently on the basis of the outside temperature.

Advantage: You won't catch cold because the system will never cool down more than 25 degrees room temperature.

Disadvantage: You can't regulate the system to reach inside temperatures below 25 degrees.

Objects with this system

Villa Falco

Sol de Mallorca max 8 Persons

This spectacular new villa is a masterpiece of modern architecture amidst serene nature. No expenses have been spared with regard to planning, building and decorating the unique holiday retreat. Fair-faced concrete, glass and stainless steel combine with carefully chosen, high-class furniture and décor elements to create an ...

from EUR 9,000,- / Week